I’ll need to delay Tengist GD 2.0… again.

Due to problems during development that have only been fixed just last week, I won’t be able to finish the game for release tomorrow…

So I’m going to delay it untill the 20th December. If I can complete it before then, I’ll release it earlier, 2.0 is nearly finished, so the 20th is a realistic deadline.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused…


Tengist GD 1.8 now available!

The latest version of Tengist GD is finally here!!


  • Pick-up indicators are now more subtle
  • Keys can now be redefined
  • Crosshair is smaller
  • Walking animation has been added to guns
  • Player can no longer sprint while standing
  • Doors now detect the player better
  • Enemies now know if there’s a door in front of them, and can open them.
  • Enemies can notice the player easier
  • A level select menu has been added
  • Melees work better now
  • Melees now deal more damage
  • Game no longer resets to Scots when going to options menu for the first time
  • Game now only asks for the language once, then remembers that choice, and skips it in future plays.


Download now!

Tengist GD – Version – Now available!

After the slight delay we’ve experienced, the latest version of Tengist GD is finally here!


-The player slows down when catching breath from sprinting
-The gun turns as the player does, and the crosshair moves accordingly
-Crosshair now changes color depending on what the player is looking at
-Crosshair increases in size depending on how close to an item or enemy is
-Enemies move faster, deal more damage and take more hits to die
-Game is now available in Catalan and Spanish
-In game font changed


Download now!