I’m afraid I’ve been having problems concerning the development of Tengist GD, so to get them, ironed out, I will need to delay the game to the 1st December…

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.


Tengist GD 1.8 now available!

The latest version of Tengist GD is finally here!!


  • Pick-up indicators are now more subtle
  • Keys can now be redefined
  • Crosshair is smaller
  • Walking animation has been added to guns
  • Player can no longer sprint while standing
  • Doors now detect the player better
  • Enemies now know if there’s a door in front of them, and can open them.
  • Enemies can notice the player easier
  • A level select menu has been added
  • Melees work better now
  • Melees now deal more damage
  • Game no longer resets to Scots when going to options menu for the first time
  • Game now only asks for the language once, then remembers that choice, and skips it in future plays.


Download now!

Tengist GD – Version – Now available!

After the slight delay we’ve experienced, the latest version of Tengist GD is finally here!


-The player slows down when catching breath from sprinting
-The gun turns as the player does, and the crosshair moves accordingly
-Crosshair now changes color depending on what the player is looking at
-Crosshair increases in size depending on how close to an item or enemy is
-Enemies move faster, deal more damage and take more hits to die
-Game is now available in Catalan and Spanish
-In game font changed


Download now!

Tengist GD will need to be delayed for the time being.

I regret to inform you guys that Tengist GD’s latest update will have to be postponed. 

To make a long story short, my PC broke down, so I sent the hard drive to get fixed, but got a refund instead, and had to buy a new hard drive, which won’t be here on time to get the game released. I’ve tried using my old laptop, but that is so slow and unresponsive that I have a headache using it…

So sorry guys… The game is ready. I just need to released it…