T3ngist 0.3 released

A new version of T3ngist. Gun visibility Status: Still not fixed.


  • Added a start screen
  • AI can now do multiple attacks
  • Some AI now have weapons
  • Players can now walk through dead AI
  • Player turns to AI who killed them when dead


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T3ngist 0.2 is now released

T3ngist 0.2 is now released


  • More AI in the game
  • Ammo/Reserve Counter
  • Sprinting now only happens when going forward
  • If the AI’s target dies it, will return to a previous target if it had one, otherwise, it resumes it’s normal duties
  • You can now shoot further
  • Problem with not being able to go into ADS fixed
  • AI spazzes out less
  • New AI hit animations
  • New AI death animations
  • Fixed problem with AI speeding too quickly
  • The FPS body below now runs, crouches, sprints, jumps and sidesteps
  • A pause menu added
  • Health bar added
  • You can now melee with weapons


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Announcing: Hypnofire 3D for the Atari VCS!

I amk very pleased to announce the official Atari VCS port of Hypnofire 3D!

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Now you guys might be thinking: “How the hell are you guys going to put Hypnofire 3D on the VCS?!”

Well, glad you asked! We… aren’t!

The game is going to be converted into 2D for the system

We’re even excited to show you then progress we have already made prior to this announcement!

It’s not much, but we’re expecting things to pick up soon!

This game is slated for released on the 1st April 2020!

Announcing T3ngist

Because Es replaced by 3 is cool, yo!

We have decided to stop development of Tengist GD, an to start again from the ground up in Godot 3.0 and design new levels made for this new engine an cristen it “T3ngist”, since it’s the 3rd game in the series.

Why a new game?

Well, Godot 3.0 has features an bug fixes that wouldd help immensely with the game. However, although there’s a converter for old projects to this new engine, it’s not made very well, and I ran into a lot o problems converting it, and gave up entirely.

So I decided to just make the game from scratch, that wouldd take up as much energy and time as converting Tengist GD.

So what does this mean for Rossies 3D?

Well, that’s still in development, and depending on how far we get with T3ngist. By the time I feenish the design (which should be Augist if everything goes well) and actually get to the game, if T3ngist is done, We’ll be uisin that game as a base, otheriwse, we’ll be building off of Tengist GD.

Either way, we’ve got a game for Rossies 3D to build on, so that game is by no means cancelled!

The release date for the first version is April 2nd 2018.

Tengist GD 2.2 release!

The first update of 2018 is finally here! With a few major changes!


  • The game is now also available in Dutch, Krio and Sranan Tongo
  • Pause menu title now translates in different languages
  • The game can now switch guns by skipping unavailable ones.
  • When the user picks up a gun and it’s better than the last one, it now automatically switches to that gun.
  • Improved animations
  • More resolution options
  • Configuration menus improved
  • Menus are now more mouse friendly
  • More options:
    • Keyboard commands for looking and turning are now added to the control menu
    • Users can now set mouse sensitivity.
    • Difficulty options are now added
    • You can now mute Music and Sound FX by pressing select on them.
  • Slappers are now in the game
  • Enemies can now shoot while running – Watch out!