I will be taking a break, and this time it’s for a real reason.

Yeah, it's my "yearly" hiatus, but this time, it's not because I'm being a lazy rascal, it's actually for a genuine reason.

You see, on top of my upcoming birthday, I'm actually moving room in my house, my big sister is moving out of the house, which means I get her room, which is at least twice the size of my current room, as well as that, I'm getting proper work desk, as opposed to the old bed that I've got now, which I think will give more of a working atmosphere which should put me in a better mood to work on my stuff, here's hoping.

It's because right now, I'm never in the mood to work on my stuff, which explains why stuff from me take so long to come out, my Keno the Cat Chronicles comic for example was supposed to be on a weekly schedule, however, I've never been in the mood to work on it, the 4th (and last) page of issue 1 is in progress, but not very much, or very fast.

Anyway, enough about my room, and my life, you guys probably don't care about that, I just wanted to tell youse that I'm on a hiatus to work on moving room and birthday plans.



Gamerstorm Now does RSS Feeds

That's right, Gamerstorm now does RSS feeds! Just so you don't have to waste the hassle of going to the site!
With that said, you're probably thinking "What's the point in coming here then?", well, the RSS feeds will only put the articles in a nutshell, abridge them, the website will have all the details.

"Well what's the point in the RSS then?" I hear you ask, well, in case you can't be a*sed visiting the website, just check the RSS feed in your bookmarks for news.

So yeah, basically, there's an RSS feed for us now, there's not much to say, except perhaps it actually gives a purpose to this old blog, which hasn't had an update in 2 years.