Keno the Cat Chronicles Issue 2 Page 2 is out!

After just 2 days after starting on it, I’ve already finished Page 2 of the comic! What a record!

Don’t worry, though, I didn’t rush it, I just put more time into it, because most of the time I worked on previous pages, I was just lounging about, so if I wanted to get the comics over with and start on the game itself any time soon, I had to stop lounging about and actually get on with them.

So that’s exactly what I did, and the end result, with the same effort put in as the other page, just more time spent doing do, was alot quicker than I expected, only 2 days.

Image available only on the Gamerstorm website!

To catch up on the comic series (That is if you actually want to), go to the Keno the Cat Official website, link to it are located at the home page or the “Our Games” page, and then click on “Story”.

Assuming that the comic will be 10 pages long, because the story is much longer, then I can get the comic done before Christmas! and that includes the Christmas special comic, so by next year, it’s all going towards the game, and hopefully, I can get that done by late 2012, which is when I want to release the game.

Yeah, it’s very much possible, I think! So, hopefully, it goes according to plan, and the the game should be on Xbox Live and Steam by Q4 2012!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be starting the next page of the comic…


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