Keno the Cat Chronicles – Issue 2 – Page 3 is out!

I'm sorry for the delay, personal reasons as to why it took so long, but the point is I'm back and I would say I'm better than ever, but that's not entirely the case.

Anyway, there's not much else to say, the 3rd page is at long last released, and here it is:

Image available only on the Gamerstorm website!

To catch up on the comic series (That is if you actually want to), go to the Keno the Cat Official website, link to it are located at the home page or the "Our Games" page, and then click on "Story".

Also, I'm not slowing down, again, personal reasons for the delay, but I'm back on normal schedule, the 4th page is nearly done, and shall be upload tomorrow, or should I say next month!



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