A bit of bad news, but it could’ve been worse…

I haven’t had the time to post this article, as this happened a good while ago, because, well, the PC I was using to make both Rossies 2 and Keno the cat has broken down…

Luckily, I have backed up both games in their entirety on a memory stick! So not all hope is lost, just some of it! Once, or rather if, my PC gets fixed, I can simply pick up where I left off.

This post is to inform anyone who cares that, for the time being, all Gamerstorm games are not in development.

I hope the PC will get fixed soon, otherwise, I might have to delay the games release dates, because when it comes to indie development, it seems that every second of development counts, because you’re doing it all yourself.

So I’ll post an update once the PC does get fixed, there won’t be anything else to post until then anyway, so it’s guaranteed the next post will be that, and hopefully, that will come pretty soon…



A slight change of plan, and this time, I actually mean slight.

Just a quick update telling you what’s happening with us, we’ve decided to change our schedule just a little bit.

Well, not really a schedule, but you know, basically, we’re going to start working on two games, but not at once, what we mean is, we’ll work on Keno the Cat, but if we ever lose the motivation to continue, we’ll work on Rossies 2, yes, that’s right, Rossies 2 is back in development!

This time, we can actually fulfil those promises we made, with 3D cutscenes and such now that I have the knowledge on how to model 3D models.

I just thought we’d tell you this, for now, Keno the Cat is not in development, but once we lose interest in making Rossies 2, we’ll go back to Keno the cat, and once we lose interest in that, we’ll go back to Rossies 2, understand now?

Since we’ve lost the original code for the game, it was messy and unreadable anyway, we’ll start from the ground up, and improve on it as I am more experienced in coding.

Also, we might as well tell youse this now, but the Rossies series will now have a main protagonist! We’re not giving anything away about him (or her?) just yet…

So hopefully, this will turn out to be a good decision, or better yet, we hope someone actually reads this…