Happy 5th Birthday Gamerstorm! Also, my PC got fixed, and Rossies 2 is well underway into development!

Before I type anything, my PC got fixed ages ago, but it had been gone for so long that I forgot all about the website, and forgot to tell youse when it got fixed that it got fixed, if that makes sense… the point is, it’s fixed!

Happy 5th Birthday Gamerstorm, has it really been that long? Have I really achieved so little in so long? Seems like it!
Unfortunately, I’ve forgotten all about it, no surprises there, and haven’t got anything prepared for it, I am so cruel…

However, I can tell youse that Rossies 2 is officially in development… again! This time, I won’t have any big story, or anything too special in this game, as this is just a starting point for me, I have much bigger planned, I have a Rossies story prepared for a bigger project. Hopefully, this all means Rossies 2 shouldn’t take long to make…

That’s all I have for youse right now, here’s to 5 more years of doing nothing!



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