Happy Valentines Day! I have a rough release date for the Rossies 3D demo!

Well, it’s valentines day… and I’m still lonely…

Anyway, just a quick, fun post, I don’t know how or why, but I randomly thought up coding related pick-up lines, which is sort of related, right?

Well, I was thinking, “What if when Rossies 3D comes out, it gets fan art?!” I’d say no, but everything gets fan-art these days, so who knows. In all seriousness, I’m not expecting anything, but if I get any, great! If not, oh well.

Anyway, I was imagining valentines related art, and was thinking about Virtua, who, I’ll reveal this much, a programming expert, and loves to code! So there, you have a rough image of a geek (In Rossies uniform) in your head. So I thought, “what kind of pick-up lines would Virtua use?”, So I though up a few lines relating to C#, or any other programming language, they might be crap, but I thought I’d share them anyway, ready? Here goes:

  • “With you, I’m going to have to convert my Short to a Long!”
  • “Baby, a Long Int wouldn’t be big enough to store my love for you!”
  • “I have a Private Void just for you! Scroll down to see it!”
  • “This.Inlove = true;”

Alright, here’s my real valentines gift for you guys (I love you all, in a non-gay kind of way!), I have a rough idea on when the Rossies 3D demo will be released, now, like I keep saying, Rossies 3D’s development is going faster than I could’ve hoped! However, in case something gets in the way, or I’ve done something totally wrong, and I have to do the ENTIRE thing over again! (Then again, it didn’t take long to get where I am) I’m going to play it safe and say expect a demo by mid August, sound cool? Okay!

So all you guys (and girls, if any follow us) go and have a fun time with your valentines, while I got a curl in a ball in a corner and cry myself to sleep… or I could be working on Rossies 3D, whatever I decide!



Rossies 3D Development Blog – 11/2/13

I’m back for another development blog, and this will probably be the last because at this point in development, I’d just be giving everything away, spoiling things. So I decided to make this my last blog.

The further I get from the last development blog, the harder it gets to remember what I’ve done that I haven’t mentioned in the last blog. I’m having to look back to the last blog! It doesn’t help that I have a cold and I’m sneezing every 5 seconds!

To get the boring stuff out of the way, I’ve now done stepping sounds, when the character walks, the sounds plays, the sound differ depending on the surface the player walks on.

I’ve got an almost fully functioning HUD, I said almost, it has a working minimap, and that if I manually put the health and armour values up or down, the bars respond accordingly, I haven’t actually got it working by itself, the health and armour won’t go down my itself, etc.

Here are some screenshots of the game I’ve taken thus far:
Rossies 3D - Screenshot - 8/2/13 Rossies 3D - Screenshot - 8/2/13 Rossies 3D - Screenshot - 8/2/13 Rossies 3D - Screenshot - 8/2/13 Rossies 3D - Screenshot - 8/2/13 Rossies 3D - Screenshot - 8/2/13 Rossies 3D - Screenshot - 8/2/13 Rossies 3D - Screenshot - 8/2/13 Rossies 3D - Screenshot - 8/2/13 Rossies 3D - Screenshot - 8/2/13

I had also made the bullet/clip count on the bottom right, but I added them after the above screenshots have been taken.

Not sure if I had told youse this, but I’ve been learning a little Japanese in my spare time lately, and I thought it’d be cool to translate the game to Japanese, as well the 4 other languages the game is going to be in (English and Scots included), I found out that it’s possible through using “Phonetic Typing” on Google Translate, which translate Romanji into Japanese, very handy especially since I don’t have a Japanese keyboard and since the Japanese layout does nothing when you switch to it.

I decided to do a Japanese logo for the game:
ロサイズ 3D - Rossies 3D Japanese Logo!

If you guys have been following me for a while, you’d have noticed that I keep going on about classes, I’ll show you 3 of the 5 available:

Chances are, you’ve already met Alpha Ross:
Rossi Character/Class Drafts

  • Alpha is the leader and commander of the Rossies.
  • This guy is an all rounder when it comes to attributes.
  • He has a “badass” personality.
  • His inventory consists of a pistol, and a shotgun.

Next, we have the Arc Ross class:
Rossi Character/Class Drafts

  • Arc is the Heavy weapons expert of the team.
  • He is slow, but very powerful and resilient compared to his fellow comrades.
  • He’s a little more soft than he should be, but is violent and bloodthirsty when the time is right.
  • His inventory consists of an assault rifle, a Minigun and a rocket launcher!

Finally, we have the Crystal Ross class:
Rossies Character/Class Drafts

  • Crystal Ross is the all around weapons expert for the Rossies, he invents new weapons for other classes, and is currently testing 3 new weapons in this mission.
  • He hasn’t got as much stamina as Arc or Alpha but makes up for it in speed.
  • This guy is a completely crazy, but is always happy, and always sees the bright side of things, even in the darkest situations.
  • His inventory consists of a fan gun (It’s basically a powerful fan with a trigger), a sort-of minigun, and a flamethrower! (Which basically consists of a lighter and a can of spray deodorant!)

So there you have it, I’m hoping to make a website soon and go into even more detail about these characters.

That’s basically what I’ve done in the past week, I’ll reveal the rest of the classes on an official website of sorts, if I learn flash, or something, although I’m scared learning Flash would push another language out, I hope not! I’m probably being paranoid, after all, I’ve gotten this far without forgetting anything… what was I talking about?


Rossies 3D Development Blog – 03/2/13

Things are still progressing nicely, the game even now has things your average AAA game doesn’t have! …Alright, they’re little details, but still!

I’ve done 2 more classes for the game… However, I discovered a flaw with all of the classes I’ve done, they have no eyes, and only part of a mouth, and doing them all individually would be a nightmare, so I’m starting from scratch, it would save me in the long run!

I’ve almost done Alpha again, and I have to say, the revision’s looking great, the heads look a little more realistic, and I loves the eyes. I’ve done Anime eyes, they are animatable, but only through moving the UV around, these a plug-in on Blender that lets you make keyframes of the UV, but I’m not sure if it will work with Unity, we’ll have to wait and see, don’t we. I’m about to do the mouth, but I’m not sure if I should bother with the mouth.

What do you guys think? Should I move the mouths, making it look like Tony Hawk’s Underground, or should I leave them shut, similar to 007 The World Is Not Enough on the N64?

Anyway, while you decide, I’ll let you have a peak at the new Alpha model, close-up, glasses up, showing the eyes!

As for the gameplay itself, I’ve now made little details that aren’t usually seen in your average AAA FPS, If you look down, you can now see yourself!
Name the last FPS you’ve played that! Okay, I can name a few, but generally, you never get that, why? It’s not like they’re complicated to do either, it was easy with Unity, a free engine, I can only imagine it’d be easier with, say, Source or Unreal, which costs hundreds of thousands!

I’ve also added life/armour bars to the game, I only managed to get them working today, actually! Just need to make some tweaks here and there, and they’re complete!

I’ve also made the character crouch, “What’s so exiting about that?”, not much, I was going to make crouch-moving animations, however, the way he was crouch was JUST like goldeneye, I thought it looked so awesome, I had to make the player slide just like Goldeneye, and upon asking on the Rossies 3D Facebook page, it was unanimous, all my fans (All 3 of them!) wanted the Goldeneye sliding!

I’ve also been playing around with the enemy A.I., I have now made stationary, wandering, and patrol A.I.

Stationary is self explanatory, the enemy just stand until they see you.
Wandering is where the enemy literally wanders around aimlessly until they see you, I have a certain type of A.I. who are supposed to do that.
Patrol is there the A.I. cycles through waypoints (Not literally, though! Well, I imagine it’s possible…), once they reach the last point, they go back to the start, this is only interrupted if they spot you, they then go after you.
The enemies can also lose sight of you by either something being in the way, or if you’re too far, then they go back to doing their respective jobs.

That’s really it for today, I hope to catch youse next time!


A few changes have been made to the Gamerstorm’s news section.

Right, just a heads up, I’ve changed the the news page a little bit.

If you guys thought the older one looked cooler, I couldn’t agree more, it looked awesome in my opinion, and the fact it was done by hand meant I could make look anyway I wanted to.

That also rose a problem, the fact it was done by hand meant I had to insert the same code, over and over and over again, not to mention, I had to publish the same article on other sites, such as the blog, Facebook, Youtube, DeviantART and Twitter, and also it meant I had to translate into other languages the site’s in, and do the code for the article all over again, it got tedious, and I was put off updating it for a good while, as you could probably tell.

However, using what I’m using now, the old but golden RSS, most of the posting is done for me, all of the trouble with the code is finished, I don’t have to deal with that anymore, although I’ll still add pictures and hypertexts the HTML way, just because it feels better that way. What happens is that I post the article to a blog made especially for an RSS feed, and the RSS feed posts it to other places, such as the website and Twitter.

I hope you guys don’t mind the new update, because it certainly takes a lot of weight off of my shoulders, I can guarantee that the Gamerstorm website will be updates more regularly, giving people a reason to visit here now and again, eh?

The only problem is, for some reason, at the end, it says “…read more at http://www.gamer-storm.co.nr”, that used to be the at the end of a summary, to tease the reader, I don’t do that anymore, so I have to fix that.

So, what has happened while I was gone? Well, I’m sorry to say Rossies 2/Classic has been cancelled…

The reason being was that there was no demand for it at all, or anyone caring about it, so I ditched and started to work on a 3D game, suddenly, everything changed, people saying they’re looking forward to it, giving me a whole bunch of ideas for the game, and to make the deal sweeter, I am working with a old friend, who, like me, was once a member of the real Rossies, and this guy’s a nutter, in a good way of course! He’s already given a ton of brilliant ideas, I honestly don’t know what I’d do without him…

For the very few who sort of cared for a 2D sequel, I might work on one using the same engine as 3D, well, the 2D version, I’ll save that until later, I have something in store with that.

Speaking of Rossies 3D, I have a development blog coming up, stay tuned for that! Until then… bye.