Rossies 3D Development Blog – 12/4/13

Progress has been going along very smoothly, I’d say I was ahead of schedule, but I never actually made schedule to be ahead of…

I’ve done the tutorial level, well, I have a playable state of it, meaning you can play through it from beginning to end, it’s possible to complete it, however, it isn’t 100% complete, because I have a few secret rooms and easter eggs to add!

I’ve also done the menus for the game with a whole bunch of graphics settings and what I hope is the biggest selection of resolutions in a video game! I have all resolutions from 300×200 to 4K! 36 to choose from! Would that be enough though? Hmm…

I’ve done enough to hand out an alpha build out to people for feedback, and I did, and so far, the game has received positive feedback, I’ve gotten a lot of bug reports and other annoying things as well, which is good, hopefully the game is more solid now.

I’ve also added a pause menu, but not like any normal pause menu, this one is kind of a throwback to the Goldeneye pause menus, but not an exact copy, that’s all I’m saying for now.

However, some bad news has surfaced, the linux version has serious problems, for some reason, it’s become unplayable, the mouselook has all sorts of problems, it’s too senstive, all inverted, and is always registering as up, so you’re stuck with looking at the ceiling.

I’m doing everything I can to fix this problem, I’m giving up on Linux users just yet! I love Ubuntu, and I’ve always wanted a game of mine to work on it, so I’m not going to let it slip by that easy, don’t you worry!

I’ve sent a bug report to Unity about this, but so far, I’ve had no reply…

That reminds me of another semi-problem I’m having, I want to publish my game on physical media, on all platforms, and that includes Linux, as I’ve said in a previous blog, it’s been done before, the problem is, every Linux kernal has different installers that only work on their respective kernals, for example, Ubuntu has “.deb” files, and that only works in Ubuntu.

So what does Linux CD games use for an installer? Do they just make the game run off the disc? Until I find an installer or a method of making the game work on all linux kernals, that’s what I’m having to do…

Although I probably should be more concerned with the MAC version, because I have no way of testing that, at least not legitimately, I hope the Mac version will be stable, I would need a MAC tester to make absolute sure it is, either that, or just wait until the demo release, and hope a MAC gamer complains at the games technical problems…

That’s all I have for you right now, I guess I’ll see youse next development blog…


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