Things have been sorted out, development can continue…

This is a quick update to say that everything has been fixed, so I can resume development for Rossies 3D.

After not working on the game for a while, and playing other shooters (most notably, Serious Sam, an indie shooter), looking at my game, is in quite a state right now, the updates to the Unity game engine hasn’t helped, This looks like a train wreck (despite my best attempts to fix it), the AI aren’t the best, the aiming (and shooting) is off and inconsistent, and the controls feel a tad on the clunky side, it may be a while before I get things up to standard, I’ll do me best to make it look at least a little bit presentable, you know, give a good first impression. I know graphics aren’t the most important thing, but I don’t want people looking at gameplay footage, and then being put off of getting the game.

That is all I have for you right now, this is Cobra!, signing out.



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