We’ve come across a little speed bump…

Well I said I would post something within the next week, and I have, but not for a good reason…

It turns out the specifications of PC I’m building wasn’t quite up to what I expected them to be, and won’t be powerful enough to develop the games we’re making on it, however, I reckon it’s a good place to begin, since it’s my first built PC, so I’d have experience by the time I build a more powerful PC, which I will buy the parts for straight after I build this first one. In other words, it will be longer before I can resume developing Tengist and Rossies 3D.

In other news, I’ve been studying Italian, Japanese and have been further tightening my grip at Scots through the summer holidays, and I reckon I will soon be able to translate my site and games into those languages, too optimistic? Well I’ve been making great progress so far, at least according to people I’ve been practising my new languages on, I hate tooting my own horn, but I think I’m doing great considering how long I’ve been at it.

Also, with my new PC(s), I will be able to develop and (mostly) test Linux software. As for Mac, I’m not too sure, Macbooks are £1000, and I don’t know how to install a Mac OS on a PC.

I’m trailing off, sorry, but long story short, I’m afraid it will take even longer until I can resume developing games, I’m not sure how long it will take, but I’ll post something when I am able to resume development.


Happy Birthday Gamerstorm!

On this day, in 2006, Gamerstorm was born, as a gaming forum, making today it’s 8th anniversary… which makes me feel old.

I wish there’s was something to celebrate about, but so far, I haven’t done much since the last post we made, since my PC is still broken. Don’t worry, though, I am soon going to build a brand new, even stronger PC, with Linux as well as Windows installed!

Also, our spirits aren’t the highest right now, as you may know, Scotland’s Independence Referendum has gone by with a No vote thanks to Westminster scaring the old folk into voting no (Don’t believe me? Look it up.), and also there are suspicion it was rigged. Either way, it shows democracy and freedom are mere illusions and there are no such things in real life. While my PC broke, I was helping the cause for a Yes vote, and my area was one of the biggest if not the biggest yes vote in Scotland, so I guess there’s that to be proud of.

Anyway, I’m getting off topic here, long story short, expect a new post and things finally resuming sometime next week.

Until then, ciao!