I’ll be on a hiatus for a bit, thanks to my uni…

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Okay, I know I haven’t been posting here in ages (at least not in English), but I have been working on Hypnofire 3D for a good bit, and I have made a wee bit of progress since my last post.

For example, I managed to add swaying animations to the spaceship player, and boosters!

Godot Engine - Hypnofire 3D - spaceship.xml_018

Godot Engine - Hypnofire 3D - spaceship.xml (-)_019

However, I’ve been having an issue with making the spaceship fire rockets, whenever I test it, the game just closes without an error, which is very strange…

However, I can’t worry about that right now, because I have to do another project for my university course, which is a game which is being made in *shudder* gamemaker…

So I’m going to have to finish that off before going back to any other projects of my own, and I have a few weeks to finish it. (Luckily, I made the game pretty simple)

So I’ll see youse…

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