Tengist GD Released!

The final release of Tengist GD is here! Any suggestions or bug reports from here on out will be implemented in Rossies 3D and Camerageddon.


  • Levels 8-10 added
  • You can now pass through dead enemies
    • Enemies now drop off ammo, armour or health
  • Scots, Scottish Gaelic, Focurc, Italian and Pirate translations added
    • Language selection screen now appears before the main menu
  • The menus have been restylised
    • Added graphics and sounds options which load and save
    • Confirmation menus now appear when the user quits or returns to the main menu
  • Status Messages added
    • Levels now have introductions telling the user which level they’re on
    • Messages telling the player if they need keycards to open doors now added
    • Messages telling the player what they picked up have been added
  • Level 5 is heavily modified to reduce slowdowns
  • Doors no longer shut down on players under it
  • Keycards have been removed from level 7
  • FPS gun/arms no longer go through walls or objects.
  • You can now load and save your progress.
    • You can also delete your save (Shift+Del) at “Load Saved Game”
  • Game modified to only render what is in the current room(s)





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