Tengist GD 2.2 release!

The first update of 2018 is finally here! With a few major changes!


  • The game is now also available in Dutch, Krio and Sranan Tongo
  • Pause menu title now translates in different languages
  • The game can now switch guns by skipping unavailable ones.
  • When the user picks up a gun and it’s better than the last one, it now automatically switches to that gun.
  • Improved animations
  • More resolution options
  • Configuration menus improved
  • Menus are now more mouse friendly
  • More options:
    • Keyboard commands for looking and turning are now added to the control menu
    • Users can now set mouse sensitivity.
    • Difficulty options are now added
    • You can now mute Music and Sound FX by pressing select on them.
  • Slappers are now in the game
  • Enemies can now shoot while running – Watch out!




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