Announcing: Hypnofire 3D for the Atari VCS!

I amk very pleased to announce the official Atari VCS port of Hypnofire 3D!

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Now you guys might be thinking: “How the hell are you guys going to put Hypnofire 3D on the VCS?!”

Well, glad you asked! We… aren’t!

The game is going to be converted into 2D for the system

We’re even excited to show you then progress we have already made prior to this announcement!

It’s not much, but we’re expecting things to pick up soon!

This game is slated for released on the 1st April 2020!


Hypnofire 3D physical copy now available!

We are proud to announce that a physical copy of Hypnofire 3D is noiw available to purchase! It’s going for $1.75  (Roughly £1.35)

“Why would I pay for a physical game I can download for free?” Well, there are 2 reasons.

  1. You would be supporting the developers and help fund our future games.
  2. There are a bunch of extras thrown in! We’ve added a bunch of files left over from development, put out in the wild for the first time!

Is that enough to warrent a purchase? …No? …Well, I don’t know what to tell you. I’ll be doing this in place of a donate button or a patreon. At least for the time being, this is the only way to donate and support us.

I myself have always wanted physical copies of my games made, and now I’ve achieved that, even if one person buys it, that’s a success for me… because I paid nothing to develop the game! I’d be making profit already!

Anyway, for those interested, here’s a link to the product page.

Hypnofire 3D 1.1 Released

Version 1.1 is here! I have listened to the few who have reported their problems and bugs with my game, and I have tried my best to make the changes accordingly!

These changes include:

  • Spaceship outline – to make it stand out more from the arena, whose floor is the same colour.
  • Control Display at the start of the game – To avoid any confusions, if any were made
  • Language Selection has been moved to start-up – So the game won’t default to any language (I’ve had a few reports about it defaulting to Scots)
  • Camera Angle selection – Nothing special, but now there an extra camera angle that is closer to the arena, for those who didn’t like it being so far away. This option was also added in the pause menu.
  • Option to disable explosion parts – I’ll admit, this feature was technically in 1.0, but you could only access it through the config file, that was simply because I didn’t know what to call it in the options. Now that I’ve come up with a name for the feature, it is implemented in the menus!
  • Copyright added to the bottom of the start screen(s) – That’s right! The feature everybody requested is now finally in the game!
  • Fixed Italian translations – Per quelli che parla l’italiano!

Here are some screenshots of the new version:

You know where to go (I hope): Right here!