Rossies 3D Episode 1 Release Date Decided

We’re feeling confident enough to decide on a release date for the first episode (Alpha Ross’ POV) of Rossies 3D.

We’re aiming to release the game on the 16tg February 2019.

That is all.


Rossies 3D demo may be pushed back further than we initally thought, if not cancelled.

I have some bad news, the PC I have been using to work on Rossies 3D, isn’t as stable workstation anymore. Let me explain.

My PC keep crashing and freezing/hanging, and every time it does, everything, even user input, stops working, and I have to restart. Sadly, my PC chooses the worst times to do this, it always does it when I work on my game.

I was working on the school level of the game when my PC did this, and I had to restart, when I opened up the level again, it was corrupt, it opened okay, but the textures were gone and I couldn’t re-assaign them, and the models no longer saved… luckily, I had back-ups!

The point is my PC is no longer a suitable workstation to work on my game, so in other words, I can’t really work on my game unless I fix this PC or get a new one (and seeing my financial troubles a.k.a. I haven’t got another £1000 to splash out, the former will most likely have to happen.)

Can’t you just use any old computer for development? I hear youse asks, well, when developing the game, I run Blender (3D modelling), G.I.M.P. (Image editor) and Unity (Game Engine) Simultaneously, the former 2 take ages to export models for the game, and for some to load & import, and the latter takes ages to boot up, so it saves a lot of time having them both up. So to answer the question, I could, but it would take forever, constantly having to exiting and starting-up between programs, also, the school and outdoor levels of the game use lot of polygons, and even my high-end PC struggles at keeping it even 30fps (let alone 60), while I editing them. (For those concerned, the levels will run fine on most PCs, editing models seem to take a lot more processing power then rendering in game, don’t ask why)

This isn’t the first time this PC has done this, it done it when developing my last game (I hope this doesn’t turn into a reoccurring theme!), I got it sent to get fixed, and it was fine again, only this time, the warranty has expired…

I am doing everything I can to fully restore my PC, make it stable again, for now, I have got my old laptop I can use, but it can’t handle most of my models unless in wireframe mode (no textures or faces/polygons, just lines, for those unaware of the term), so I guess I can do a little bit with that. I’ll do whatever I can to progress with development, but I won’t be able to do too much, so I don’t think I’ll have the demo finished anytime soon.

I am sorry for this, but there’s not much I can do right now. One thing’s for sure, I am never buying from ASUS again!


Rossies 3D Demo might get delayed…

It’s been a while since I’ve last updated this page, I wish I had come back to give good news, but that isn’t the case.

I’ve been developing the school level of the game, as you can see through screenshots of them I’ve uploaded a while ago, and I’ve been running across problems with developing the level.

You see, I’m using a tile-like system to make the level, each room is basically a set of tiles, and aside from the problem I’m having right now, It’s done me good, level creation had become much easier, making gaps for windows and doors are much easier, connecting them up is easy too, since the tiles would align…

However, I’ve been having to leave gaps between each room, to avoid walls going through each-other (which slows down the game, and not to mention it looks ugly!), but that’s caused a problem…

Imagine this scenario, they are 2 classrooms, right beside each-other and beside them is a corridor, and all of the rooms are to connect to each-other, the rooms can’t align because I have to space everything out, unless I wanted to create a giant doorway between the 2 classrooms (Which I did not!). There’s also the problem with making the schools exterior, obviously, the outside walls have to be separate and not touching the inside walls.

So I’m looking into a new, or modified method of dealing with these problems, I think I have one, and it worked great when I tested it. The problem is, now I’d have to recreate the school all over again. I have all the textures I need, and the design is up to date, so it won’t take as long, nor be as tedious, but I fear it may still take a while, and I might not meet the demo deadline.

UPDATE: I have a new method for building the level like I would want to, but it involves using a tool in Blender that’s still in the alpha stage, and is very glitchy, so I’d have no choice but to wait until it becomes stable…

I’m not sure how far the demo will be pushed back, I’d say a couple of months or so, but let’s just say December 2013 to play it safe…

How about some good news? Well, with Rossies 3D, I wanted to try and recreate the feel of a 6th generation (Dreamcast, PS2, Gamecube, Xbox) game, I think I’m off to a good start with the models being the same as your average 6th gen game (Cutscene Models are 3000 polygons each, playable models are 1000 each.).

That’s not the “news”, though, I’ve recently been playing a lot of early 2000s games, such as the Tony Hawk games, Broken Sword 3, Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy in North America) and the Shenmue games, and I think I know what I’m aiming for now, at least when it comes to cutscenes, as I watched the cutscenes in those games, I figured I can recreate the style quite easily.

I can’t guarantee that I’ll succeed, but I think it’s possible, I will try, trust me!

That’s all I have, you may now continue to not care about my game and forget all about it, until next time, that is!


Rossies 3D Development Blog – 3/5/13

I know I said I’d be taking a hiatus, but a lot of exams and assessments have been finished, not all of them, but a lot, so now I have a little more free time to do things…

I know, I know, I should be spending my time studying for the rest of the exams, but I put in a couple of hours a day doing that, after that, nothing to do, so back to working on Rossies 3D!

I haven’t done much in comparison to other months, due to exams. I’ve mostly been working on the first level of my game, I kept modelling houses and things to try and capture that “Glasgow” feel, so I’ve spent a lot of time on them. I think I’ve finally got it, a second opinion from has said it feels like Glasgow, but friends tend to tell you what you like to hear, not saying I don’t trust them, but I’m not totally satisfied about something untill I hear it from someone I don’t know.

Speaking of friends, that same friend composed a song for the game, this guy plays in a band, they play a few gigs now and again, so he has experience in the music industry.
He sent me the music he made, and it’s amazing! It sounds exactly what I wanted for the game! I never even told him what I had in mind for the game’s music, It seems we had similar visions! It sounds very professional as well!

I would show youse the track, but it hasn’t been uploaded anywhere, he sent me the song via. email. I don’t feel comfy with uploading things that aren’t entirely mine, so sorry, no previews! You’ll just have to wait until the game (or rather, demo) comes out…

He said he would also do some more tracks for the game. If things go well, Rossies 3D will have a beast of an OST! I hope to release a CD/Download soundtrack, but it’s up to him.

It’s awesome to have him on board for the project anyway!

One last thing I remember doing for the game, is adding 2D objects, that constantly look at you, similar to some old 6th gen games did for small detail objects, such as lights, fans, chimneys, or even sometimes trees!

That’s all that that’s really happened since the last blog, I’ve spent so much time on designing and making the first level that I’m sick of look at blender, and textures of bricks… and windows… and doors… See youse in the next development blog.


I’m going to have to put Rossies 3D development on hold for a while…

Due to problems and things happening in real life, I won’t have time to develop for Rossies 3D, trust me, this is the last thing I’d want to do… well, the 2nd last, after cancelling it, and I sure as heck don’t want to do that!

I’m having a series of problems in my life, such as upcoming exams (which is only made harder due to a very un-organised college, but if I were to go into detail, I’d be here all day writing this!), driving lesson/test, and my grandmother not being in the best of conditions.

How long it will be on hold I’m not entirely sure, It will most likely be for 3-4 weeks when things sort themselves out, I might work on it a tiny bit during those weeks, because I don’t want to totally ditch it and/or forget things when I go back, but I won’t be on it very often nor for very long.

So you probably won’t see any updates from me this month, trust me, I really don’t want to do this, but it’s best that I do for now… Just as well I played it safe with the demo’s release date, eh?

See youse in a months time…


Rossies 3D Development Blog – 12/4/13

Progress has been going along very smoothly, I’d say I was ahead of schedule, but I never actually made schedule to be ahead of…

I’ve done the tutorial level, well, I have a playable state of it, meaning you can play through it from beginning to end, it’s possible to complete it, however, it isn’t 100% complete, because I have a few secret rooms and easter eggs to add!

I’ve also done the menus for the game with a whole bunch of graphics settings and what I hope is the biggest selection of resolutions in a video game! I have all resolutions from 300×200 to 4K! 36 to choose from! Would that be enough though? Hmm…

I’ve done enough to hand out an alpha build out to people for feedback, and I did, and so far, the game has received positive feedback, I’ve gotten a lot of bug reports and other annoying things as well, which is good, hopefully the game is more solid now.

I’ve also added a pause menu, but not like any normal pause menu, this one is kind of a throwback to the Goldeneye pause menus, but not an exact copy, that’s all I’m saying for now.

However, some bad news has surfaced, the linux version has serious problems, for some reason, it’s become unplayable, the mouselook has all sorts of problems, it’s too senstive, all inverted, and is always registering as up, so you’re stuck with looking at the ceiling.

I’m doing everything I can to fix this problem, I’m giving up on Linux users just yet! I love Ubuntu, and I’ve always wanted a game of mine to work on it, so I’m not going to let it slip by that easy, don’t you worry!

I’ve sent a bug report to Unity about this, but so far, I’ve had no reply…

That reminds me of another semi-problem I’m having, I want to publish my game on physical media, on all platforms, and that includes Linux, as I’ve said in a previous blog, it’s been done before, the problem is, every Linux kernal has different installers that only work on their respective kernals, for example, Ubuntu has “.deb” files, and that only works in Ubuntu.

So what does Linux CD games use for an installer? Do they just make the game run off the disc? Until I find an installer or a method of making the game work on all linux kernals, that’s what I’m having to do…

Although I probably should be more concerned with the MAC version, because I have no way of testing that, at least not legitimately, I hope the Mac version will be stable, I would need a MAC tester to make absolute sure it is, either that, or just wait until the demo release, and hope a MAC gamer complains at the games technical problems…

That’s all I have for you right now, I guess I’ll see youse next development blog…

Rossies 3D has been cancelled… (April Fools Joke)

I have some bad news for everybody, my Rossies 3D game went corrupt, and my backups somehow did as well, so if I wanted to continue Rossies 3D, I’d have to start from scratch, and it took me months to get to where I was!

I was having problems before that anyway, I had no idea what to do with music, I had no tools or instruments to make music, and even if I did, I’d have no idea where to start, I have no experience with writing music at all!

So I guess this is the end of the line, then. I’m so sad I’m having to do this, but I’d been left with no choice… Rossies 3D has been officially cancelled…

Happy April Fools Day everybody!