Tengist GD Released!

The final release of Tengist GD is here! Any suggestions or bug reports from here on out will be implemented in Rossies 3D and Camerageddon.


  • Levels 8-10 added
  • You can now pass through dead enemies
    • Enemies now drop off ammo, armour or health
  • Scots, Scottish Gaelic, Focurc, Italian and Pirate translations added
    • Language selection screen now appears before the main menu
  • The menus have been restylised
    • Added graphics and sounds options which load and save
    • Confirmation menus now appear when the user quits or returns to the main menu
  • Status Messages added
    • Levels now have introductions telling the user which level they’re on
    • Messages telling the player if they need keycards to open doors now added
    • Messages telling the player what they picked up have been added
  • Level 5 is heavily modified to reduce slowdowns
  • Doors no longer shut down on players under it
  • Keycards have been removed from level 7
  • FPS gun/arms no longer go through walls or objects.
  • You can now load and save your progress.
    • You can also delete your save (Shift+Del) at “Load Saved Game”
  • Game modified to only render what is in the current room(s)




We have some bad news… Also, we’re not dead…

We have some bad news: My (Cobra!’s) PC is completely broken, and there’s nothing I can do to fix it… Which means that Tengist is delayed! More than it already is!

I was actually nearly finished the latest build of Tengist, and was just putting in the finishing touches to it, and was about to release it, but my luck wasn’t having any of it, so my PC conked out on me!

Well, okay, I wasn’t THAT close to release, but I was fairly close…

I’m sending this from my PSVita, and I hate touch screen keyboards, so I’ll make this quick: I won’t be able to work on anything until September, when I’ll have a enough money to build a new PC.

I’m really sorry about this, but there’s literally nothing I can do about it until then. So I guess I’ll see youse then..


Tengist has been released on Mac and Linux!

I have finally released a (slightly updated) build of Tengist for MAC and Linux (I hope I have the archive formats right…), it includes some fixes and improvements. I won’t be releasing a Windows version of the build, though, I’m waiting until I have all (or at least most) the reported issues fixed, I’ll be (hopefully) releasing all 3 versions of that build simultaneously.

That might not be for a while, though, as I have been given a truck load of homework from my college to do and test to cram studying for over the holidays (because it’s not like anybody does anything during Christmas anyway, right?), so I don’t have time to work on my games for until well into January, and I had the next build of Tengist scheduled for then, but it looks like I won’t be able to make that deadline now.

By the way, I would like to thank everyone who played the first build and gave feedback, I’ve learned a lot about my game, and I have already fixed some of the most major problems that plagued the original alpha!

Tengist ScreenshotsTengist Screenshots

By the way, just letting youse know, it’s pronounced “Ten-jist”, not “Ten-gist”, it was the first thing I mentioned on the page, but amazingly, everyone still got it wrong!

Tengist Screenshots

Anyway, I hope you Mac and Linux users enjoy the little the game has to offer for now, this is sort of an early Christmas present from me, that you’ll use once, then never touch again…

You can download your respective versions of the game below:

Version – Windows
Tengist - Version - Windows

Version – Linux
Tengist - Version - Linux

Version – Mac OS X
Tengist - Version - Mac OS X

Speaking of presents, Happy Holidays, and a Merry New Year! I’ll see youse in 2014!

…By the way, I would like to thank that guy on IndieDB who edited this post to make it more presentable by adding screenshots and the download links, thanks man (or woman)!


Tengist has been released!

I have finally released the first build of Tengist… over a week later than planned! Hey, I got it released, which is further than any of my other games have gone…

For those who don’t know, Tengist is a free game, it’s sort of a testing ground, where we can test out our core mechanics, and try out new features! It’s sort of like what “Nightly” is for Firefox, and what “Daily” is for Thunderbird.

This build only has one level, no music and the enemies haven’t been given guns yet, and can only go melee attacks, but more stuff will be added as more builds are released.

Right now, I only have the Windows version up, the Linux version shouldn’t be too long behind, and once I find out what archive and/or install formats MACs support, I’ll release the MAC version as well.

That’s all I have to say about it right now, so I’m going to conclude this article with some screenshots taken from the game.

Tengist Screenshots
Tengist Screenshots
Tengist Screenshots

In all seriousness, try and enjoy the game, and if you have any problems with it, report it to me, provide me with as much detail as possible. You’d be a great help if you did!