Tengist GD 2.2 release!

The first update of 2018 is finally here! With a few major changes!


  • The game is now also available in Dutch, Krio and Sranan Tongo
  • Pause menu title now translates in different languages
  • The game can now switch guns by skipping unavailable ones.
  • When the user picks up a gun and it’s better than the last one, it now automatically switches to that gun.
  • Improved animations
  • More resolution options
  • Configuration menus improved
  • Menus are now more mouse friendly
  • More options:
    • Keyboard commands for looking and turning are now added to the control menu
    • Users can now set mouse sensitivity.
    • Difficulty options are now added
    • You can now mute Music and Sound FX by pressing select on them.
  • Slappers are now in the game
  • Enemies can now shoot while running – Watch out!




I officially announce a new release of Tengist GD! Version 2.2 is coming your way on the 1st February! Expect small but significant changes!

I’ll need to delay Tengist GD 2.0… again.

Due to problems during development that have only been fixed just last week, I won’t be able to finish the game for release tomorrow…

So I’m going to delay it untill the 20th December. If I can complete it before then, I’ll release it earlier, 2.0 is nearly finished, so the 20th is a realistic deadline.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused…

Tengist GD 1.8 now available!

The latest version of Tengist GD is finally here!!


  • Pick-up indicators are now more subtle
  • Keys can now be redefined
  • Crosshair is smaller
  • Walking animation has been added to guns
  • Player can no longer sprint while standing
  • Doors now detect the player better
  • Enemies now know if there’s a door in front of them, and can open them.
  • Enemies can notice the player easier
  • A level select menu has been added
  • Melees work better now
  • Melees now deal more damage
  • Game no longer resets to Scots when going to options menu for the first time
  • Game now only asks for the language once, then remembers that choice, and skips it in future plays.


Download now!